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We turn your machinery into communicating vessels.

ECI Connect provides all your machinery-related data via a single interface. Vendor-neutral and secure with plug & play capability.

Increased productivity and higher revenue – digitalization in manufacturing ensures transparent, accelerated workflows. Complex manufacturing processes become much more reliable and secure. ECI Connect is the key to successful digitalization. All existing machines and equipment on the shop floor are connected via one common digital layer. The preferred interface – e.g., OPC UA – transmits the data collected to your top-floor software system. You now have access to all your data and can process it consistently.

How you benefit from ECI Connect

  • Vendor-neutral

    ECI Connect links all common control systems to your analytics tool via a single interface.
  • Overall concept

    Your machine connectivity is established for all current and all future digitalization projects.
  • Rapid implementation

    Quick and easy to implement, from machine connectivity through to data provision: plug & play.
  • Security

    The innovative combination of hardware and software guarantees maximum data protection at all times.
  • Data quality

    With an overview of the overall status of all machines, all data is verified and filtered intelligently.
  • Future-proof

    Ready for the future of Industry 4.0. You are all set for the challenges it poses.

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