ECI Connect: Developed by ECI-Mechatronics GmbH

With ECI Connect, we offer our customers tailored and intelligent digitalization solutions to connect their machinery to Industry 4.0. We connect machines and different equipment within a production facility – completely vendor-neutral – and deliver only manufacturing-related data via a single interface. In doing so, we turn individual intelligent machines into even smarter interconnected vessels, thereby taking a giant step closer to the Internet of Things and the goal of digital factories.

A strong team: Mechatronics and manufacturing expertise rolled into one

ECI Mechatronics GmbH, headquartered in the Austrian city of Schwaz in Tyrol, is united under one roof with ECI Manufacturing GmbH, which is known for its high level of expertise and innovative manufacturing processes for mechanical components. Thanks to the ongoing interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge, we see ourselves as mechatronics experts with extensive manufacturing expertise. This unique combination and the resulting competitive edge we gain in terms of knowledge set us apart from other suppliers. We are the only company in this field to be part of the EU-wide Horizon 2020 funding program. Our goal is to establish a standardized solution for digitalization in manufacturing throughout Europe.

About ECI Mechatronics

Drawing on years of manufacturing expertise and offering a tailored digitalization solution, ECI Mechatronics lays the foundations for comprehensive data analyses and digital business models in manufacturing companies.